The organisation of studies

The basic forms of study are the three-year resident and external Bachelors programme, the two-year resident and external Masters programme and the three-year resident doctoral programme or five-year external doctoral programme. Teaching takes place in Slovak and in English.

Graduates of secondary high schools with the Maturita qualification and students of other higher education institutions who fulfil the demands laid down by legislation and by the internal regulations of the Comenius University and the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences are accepted for the Bachelors programme. For the Masters programme, graduates of bachelor-level education courses are admitted. For doctoral studies we accept graduates with Masters level education. The admissions procedure for students is designed so that apart from the factual knowledge of the applicant, we test their intellectual potential and their ability to further develop their personal qualities.

The subjects of the study programme are divided into three parts:

  • compulsory subjects, which the student completes according to precise requirements,
  • compulsory optional subjects, whose number and choice is determined by the Study Regulations of the Faculty and
  • optional subjects according to the individual decision of the student, bearing in mind the requirements of the linked disciplines of their study programme.

The basic unit of study is the semester. The results of studies are assessed in accordance with the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). Every subject is assessed for credits according to how demanding it is, and the extent of direct and individual preparation required. In the course of one semester, the student must obtain the minimum number of 30 credits laid down by the Faculty. The requirement for completing a Bachelors degree is obtaining 180 credits. After successfully completing their bachelor studies, the graduate receives the title Bachelor (Bc.). The requirement for completing Masters studies is obtaining 120 credits. After successfully completing their Masters studies, graduates receive the title Master (Mgr.). The requirement for completing doctoral studies is fulfilling the prescribed demands laid down in the document ‚Organisation and basic principles of doctoral studies at FSEV UK‘. After completing their doctoral studies, graduates receive the title Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).