Social and Work Psychology

Student competencies

Graduate of the first degree of university study of Applied psychology/Social and work psychology will get basic spectrum of information from psychology and related scientist disciplines (sociology, economy, international relationships, statistics, marketing communication), which mold one’s interdisciplinary information basement. One will get knowledge about basement, development and possibility of regulation of real social cases on the individual’s level, level of microenvironment (groups and teams) and macroenvironment (organizations, companies).

Abstract of study, area of knowledge needed for one’s graduation and way of study with accent on acquirement of basic theoretical knowledge, on them attached application dispositions get guarantee of successful graduate in practice, especially in work sphere, for which is the study special oriented. Graduate will find employ in structure of working places on different levels of state and private sector (government and other parts of state sphere, organizations, companies, NGOs). As qualified work power in the sphere of work with people can be effective in personal building, stabilization and education of employees form different classification, management and provide for development and forming optimal social and organization conditions and individual’s, team’s and organization’s quality of life.

Basic and profile courses:

Methodology – introduction to methodology of social sciences, methodology and methods of psychology, statistical methods, international statistical databases.

Basic psychological disciplines – introduction to psychology, social psychology, psychology of personality, work and organizational psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology.

Application of psychology – psychology of mass communication and public opinion, human resources management, psychology of marketing communication, negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution.

Psychology in management – social motivation and behaviour, social attitudes, team building and development.

Interdisciplinary basement - Sociology, Anthropology and psychology, Intercultural studies, Anthropology of Europe, Cognitive Anthropology, Introduction to Law, Political Science and Political Analysis, Introduction to Economic Theory, European Political Cultures.

State final examination:

  1. General psychology
  2. Work and Organizational Psychology