Institute of Public Policy and Economics

Welcome to our English website. Institute of Public Policy and Economics was created in 2010 by a merger of two renowned institutes based at the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences: Institute of Public Policy and Institute of Economics. The merger brought even greater synergy of teaching and research excellence.

Institute of Public Policy and Economics (IPPE) is one of the four departments of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University.

Our Institute offers quality college education in all three levels:

  •     Bachelor's degree study program in Applied Economics
  •     Master's degree study program in Public Policy
  •     doctoral degree in the field of study European Studies and Policy (Department of Theory of Politics)

Why study at IPPE?

To study at IPPE means to acquire education and degree that has real value for practice. IPPE has ambitions to bring quality education

to Slovakia. Programme and subjects it offers were designed to resemble those of the JFK School of Government at Harvard University and Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris. There are some other great benefits which make IPPE and exceptional research and study environment:




  •     The content of the study is fully comparable with Western European or American standards:

    * At its birth was an international team of experts from USA, UK and the Netherlands, who provide a comparable structure and content
* Degree programs involve

interdisciplinary (economics, sociology, law, political science, public management ...)
Education leading internationally renowned speakers with a wealth of academic, governmental and political experience.

  •     Students in the subjects involved in research by faculty and can gain practical experience in public policy and economics in Slovakia and abroad.
  •     The study is organized so that full-timers can perform well without undercutting quality criteria and can still harmonize other activities.
  •     Strong support of the e-learning, which enables communication with the teacher, access to study materials and flexibility.
  •     Of course there is the possibility of study abroad (eg Erasmus program) - students have already completed such visits in the Netherlands, Israel and Norway, etc..

ÚVPE is scientifically oriented on socio-political and socio-economic relations and quality control in post-transition period, the development of our society as well as changes in the context of the EU and the world of social events.

Because the English version is still under construction, please see the Slovak version for any missing information.