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Visiting the library

On the first visit to the library every foreign student is required to present their ISIC as well as valid passport and visa to the librarian. Upon the following visits students are required to present their ISIC only. Books in the library are not subject to a loan but students can order and borrow books via internet (see below).


Students may copy library books by using the copy machine located in the library (0.05 euro/page).

Borrowing books

Academic library of the Comenius University iPortal enables users to browse in the libraries of all university faculties using various search criteria. In order to proceed with a request for a loan, students must click on the “item”, than “request” and type their ISIC number. Requested items must be picked up within 5 calendar days at the faculty library and users confirm the loan by their signature. Students bear responsibility for the item borrowed while it is in their possession and are obliged to compensate for the damage or loss. Some items are excluded from library loans (e.g. documents in one exemplar only, reading rooms documents, qualification theses, encyclopaedia, dictionaries, atlas, etc.). One exemplar only can borrowed.

Information on the publication contains a library code that indicates the location of the book. Library codes and locations can be found at the following link:

Foreign students can borrow a library book for the term of 14 days with a possibility to prolong the term by 7 days. The library sends a reminder to the user twice by electronic means (if the user entered the e-mail address), the third reminder is sent by means of recorded delivery. The fine amounts to 0,10 EUR/day. Should the user failed to return more than five items or keep an item in possession for more than 60 days after the end of the loan term, he/she would have their access to library services blocked.

Before leaving Slovakia and finalising studies, students are required to check if they returned all items they borrowed. If so, the librarian will issue a confirmation receipt which serves as a precondition for a confirmation on the end of the student´s stay issued by the Faculty.

External information resources are prepaid by the University and serve scientific and academic purposes. Foreign students can access the content of external information resources from any of the university computers located in the premises of the Comenius University. The Comenius University is bound by the terms and conditions set by the providers of external information resources. Since the terms and conditions vary depending on the concrete resource it is important to check the terms and conditions on their respective websites. In general, however, it is forbidden to download full texts using programmes for automatic or accelerated downloading. Users can browse, print and download documents for their own use but large-scale downloading and distribution is not allowed. Non respect of these rules may result in blocking the access to the external information resources for the entire university.

Ebrary is an electronic database of books that form part of the university catalogue. Students are not allowed to download the books but It is possible to print up to 40 pages.

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